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galaxy2 👑
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Who wants blood?


Who wants blood? I’m pleased all my worshipers think they can be me but it’s not easy now. Consider the problems I noticed with those copycats! 1) They don’t get my personality right! Or know me. 2) They clearly don’t know me as a ruler and my power.

3) They say they don’t care but really they envy me for doing this months prior to them. Check my posts and see how old it is, others are like a few days etc. 4) They don’t match the character and make posts that are clearly just attention seeking. 5) Not a lot of work on the acting just copy.

But it’s hilarious! I don’t stop them since they are little kids. As a demon playing with human emotions is fun! I want to sense the power of my mind. The power to control beings living dead or ghost etc. A dream that I want as reality.

Sadly, I’m restricted due to curse marks! NOT FAIR!!!! Well, I am just going to sleep and Will better not wake me up!!! He needs to stop!!

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