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Teaser: Is this a new illuminacho spin story?!! Oh, yes indeed it is so what would be the scenario this time... hmm find out and see for yourself. But this cheeky soul reaper is at is again. Poor Bill.

More illuminacho stuff

Bill mimics Jill’s voice while saying “ Bill here is a total attention seeker” Well, that’s right he is I mean he gets bored easily btw I am the narrator - the soul reaper. Bill: Well, it looks like you want attention as you keep on talking about me Bill mutters ...

So, what happened to your so call BFF Bill: My What!!!! Well, there is a post and the human seems nice Bill: Oh, you mean that fanfic well that is just humans being delusional Soul reaper: No, I mean the one you just found

Bill: Oh, ssshhh. That is not friendship and that is no longer a human but a spirit Soul reappear : Aren’t you umm Bill: Don’t say it! I am perfectly fine. We all know that is a lie I mean the guy be smiling a lot but a mask is a mask he is broken deep down inside.

Oh, well even though he is a tsundere maybe there is more too him. Next time: I will be able to .... Bill: Stop with all this stuff and get back to work!! Aren’t you a soul repear well then you clearly aren’t if you let lose those souls!!

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