Thank you followers and enjoy this strange post.
Thank you followers and enjoy this strange post. thoughts stories
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galaxy2 👑
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The title is the description.

Thank you followers and enjoy this strange post.

First thing, I took a break to lower stress. Also the system here is freaky like new users are coming easily which is weird because when I started things were not like this until two months ago. I am more of a person who returns a good favour. I usually like to earn things. This is not what I like ; this system is scary.

I also want to share my gratitude to those who made all this fun and the lovely comments. In my random post I struggled with a title to capture interest. But, I generally write or do things when I feel like it. I never pushed myself or force myself because it makes me not do the things I like. Next slide it’s where my thoughts on life is.

(A slide with a belief I know it’s deep) ( Me in a nutshell) Live once. Die once. It repeats. Basically, the essence of being born over again is just really scary and too much for the mind to comprehend.

So, I like things where we talk about topics that are deep and possibly lead to something that is important. For example, I like things that are spiritual and gives a sense of acomplishing the truth of life. Thanks for listening or reading to this weird monologue of mine.

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