Life is messed up. Heres why!
Life is messed up. Heres why!  rant stories

galaxy2 👑
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Illuminacho here with a rant! Stay safe! :)

Life is messed up. Heres why!

I Bill Cipher the illuminacho shall rage about the reasons why life on earth is messed up. Wow! I sound like I am a ... never mind politics is twisted and I don’t go with restrictions. Firstly, I have a bro Will and he is really sweet. Too sweet. He makes friends or sees everyone as his friend. Continue next slide.

However, Will is kind to everyone. His so called “friend” are not his friend. They bully him. He gets scared so he does things that they want and doesn’t complain. I as his older bro often try and make sure theses bullies are punished. Even if I caught them they still continue to harass him and now me!

It gets worst trust me. These jellyfish lowclass rats made a serious issue against my little bro and I. They made serious false claims and allegations against us! Now, it’s part of my headache but remember these are part of my past which in earth I am getting memories about.

These memories are coming back when I met someone like Will who experienced these. It is horrible and these people who make these false claims cannot succeed and must suffer. You are ruining an innocent person’s life.

The majority thinks they are superior compared to the minority regarding race. This is something that I don’t agree with. If an innocent person has evidence that these allegations are false and evidence of things those bullies done then it’s fine. Oh no, the uk don’t agree because race seems like an important issue and a person who isn’t minor can win with no evidence.

It is wrong and is a form of injustice! The UK is soo corrupt and they hide all these. Something is not right. What’s worse school and students are framing other students! This won’t end no matter what! It’s everywhere. Thanks for listening to my rant. Stay safe everyone!

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