Some stuff about Tom and Jerry!! :)
Some stuff about Tom and Jerry!! :)  tom and jerry stories

galaxy2 👑
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More Tom and Jerry ideas and fangirl stuff and a bit of rant for good reasons.

Some stuff about Tom and Jerry!! :)

Jerry is absolutely adorable and sometimes he can’t stop annoying Tom. Tom here is just acting like he going to kill Jerry which is 100% true since they are friends. Tom btw if you see drawings of him as a human is hot also Bill Cipher human drawings are hot!! Why!! It just I want them. Lol!!

I can’t and won’t believe this. I saw some clips but they are not full episodes of the classic Tom and Jerry episodes. Just short clips. It isn’t on Netflix which is a shame. But the worst thing and I can’t believe this. On google it says Tom and Jerry is banned for violence and other reasons on tv. What the blueberry pie!!!

What donut think that Tom and Jerry has violence!!! It is a cartoon. I was trying to look ways to find it but I am not going on sites I don’t trust or pay for it. Rant over now my fangirl dreams starts.

So, Tom has been labelled as dumb etc because he always gets tricked by Jerry and doesn’t know what Jerry plans or does making him fall for his tricks. Btw Jerry is a he not a she. Some people believed when Tom and Jerry that Jerry was a girl . Wrong Jerry = a boy.

I never liked the owner because Tom always gets told off because he’s a nice cat unlike other cats that are willing to kill Jerry!! These two will always be together!! Plus, if you love Tom and Jerry let’s talk or share ideas. Byeeee!!! Who wants to be Tom or Jerry? I might be Tom not sure. Lol!!

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