Honest Zodiac conversations\ traits
Honest Zodiac conversations\ traits  zodiac stories
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galaxy2 Always fixing certain errors- meh posts!
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Dudes yep the dudes right here. These Zodiacs are like the ultra Bros and Sis. Alright this may be closer to true but as a post I made things according to their traits lol. Don’t take this literally all of this is fiction.

Honest Zodiac conversations\ traits

Kay, Bill is asleep and I the human want to present you with a funny accurate zodiac conversation/ trait scenario. Here goes: Cancer when texting to someone: Hey.... Can I be your friend? Every zodiac: Chill dude. Yep Cancers are straightforward.

Sagittarius when texting: Hey, it’s me! ... after two hours no one responds. Enters the same group chat and like says Guys guess what!!! Everyone: What!! Sag: I’m bored asf!!!

Yep sag wants attention and a little bit of a chit chat! Scorpios when texting: Good morning. Everyone: Good morning Scorpio: So, which one of you hurt my little sis? Everyone: Points at Virgo. Scorpio: Well, everyone if you hang out with her you won’t be invited to my parties.

Everyone: Avoided the Virgo. Scorpio: Kay, here is the invite we have nachos! Sag: Food , music, drinks and dance I’m in!! Cancer: Hot chicks, food, drinks and Jacuzzi!! I’m in.

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