Here is my list for shooting star (Mabel - @dipper_2020 )
Here is my list for shooting star (Mabel - @dipper_2020 ) list stories

galaxy2 👑
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Hey, shooting star (Mabel - @dipper_2020) This is my response - A list!

Here is my list for shooting star (Mabel - @dipper_2020 )

So, Mabel made a list on things she likes to do to me. Checkout @dipper_2020, if you want to read those ridiculous lists. Now, behold my list! 1) Make Mabel to float upside down. (Better thing is if Jill can give Mabel a haircut as well)

2) Make Mabel bow down to me and do my chores. A little response to shooting star I am not going to bow down to you! Also, no glitter or ponytail hair. 3) Turning her into my puppet! She will be my servant - if she makes more of those lists!

4) Give her some curses because of her crazy thoughts and stuff she does. So, shooting star back away with your glitter or with my flames I will burn all your stuff. That’s it humans. Bill Cipher out. (Seriously you humans are full of weird stuff.)

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