Earth is mundane and tedious.
Earth is mundane and tedious. boring stories

galaxy2 👑
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Monotone People!! Lol!!

Earth is mundane and tedious.

Monotone People. I mean if you want to know, I like those with a personality because as a demon I get bored easily so, if you are boring ... I get bored and look for someone with a personality. Living in the human world was nice. It felt good but the weather is gloomy and I don’t like it. Where is the sunshine?

The way you chat , text or speak clearly shows weather you are good to hang out with or plain boring. I know everyone doesn’t like boring people because they just don’t have a personality. When they see someone has one they act like a mental, psychopath and try to shut you down.

I’ve experienced that form those people. I do things I like and show my true gifts but when I am forced to do or listen or act. That’s crosses the line.

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