Cbdndndndndndn!!!! (The title is that lol)
Cbdndndndndndn!!!! (The title is that lol)  vessel stories

galaxy2 👑
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Being here is ... I won’t fill those since you have to read - humans :p funny title right??

Cbdndndndndndn!!!! (The title is that lol)

Ah, well ... Being in a vessel, going on the internet is something. I have seen weird things. (Dipper you’re part of this) What I didn’t know was Mabel starting to be on my good list! Something in shooting star changed for good! But, the fanfic is a question. Why? If I was writing a fanfic of myself I would want to show my power and strength not my “soft sides”.

I am a tough cookie, with extra iron hard shell. Absolutely unbreakable. Sadly, Jill and Will keeps talking about me as a “softie, or protective”. Real nice, having your siblings spying on you. (Will, I am making sure you get no food since you disobeyed me) JK I can’t do that since he’s somewhere else now.

This world is very strange! I don’t regret this! I have some freedom here not a lot but it’s just like the same as my home. Expect 2020! Is the wrong year! My timing was wrong! I need to fix my clock!

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