Being misunderstood
Being misunderstood misunderstood stories

galaxy2 👑
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Basically : djdndmd in crisis lol. JK not true. :p

Being misunderstood

People, this is a common problem. I faced this a lot. It is a common problem nothing rare. Means everyone faced this but there are those who are facing this for the following reasons: 1) Those who misunderstood you and still do - may poke fun or show envy. That’s because they are envious of you.

2) The envious ones want to break you so they twist what you say. 3) They clearly know what you mean but create a whole “Oh, this was a misunderstanding” Me: Really? Oh, wow. *Walks away from Barbie*

Me: Now, there’s no plastic. Lol So, it happens but somehow some misunderstandings can’t be cleared up. Like some people sacrifice something for good and they don’t say it. The friend gets envious of that person and hurts them. Then later after 13 years that person realises the truth.

Like being sweet for nothing really. Why suspect kindness? Getting misjudged causes issues with understanding the real truth.

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