It’s Halloween!! Yeah!!
It’s Halloween!! Yeah!! halloween stories

galaxy2 👑
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Happy Halloween!!! Yay!!

It’s Halloween!! Yeah!!

Halloween is my favourite! I always wear the best outfit! I love scaring people and hearing them scream. It’s music to my ears. Everytime someone screams I just record it and listen to it to make me sleep.

Too bad I am in a human body. Well, I am going to talk about Halloween in the Nightmare Realm. In the Nightmare Realm. I bring skeletons to the party. Blood as drinks and eyeballs as sweets. Delicious. So, scrumptious that one of my demon friend lost all his teeth!!

Ha!!!ha!!! Ah, hilarious. I would plan tricks like making everything dark and just pouring blood on everyone in the room. I love hide and seek. I always find someone. They have to do a dare. Like lifting a giant rock too the top of a mountain or walk across larva!

Humans, what do you like about Halloween??

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