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What makes me smile? What do I truly like?
I know you already know


I smile when I smell warm coffee in the cafeteria

I smile when I see the cloudy skies, telling me it'll rain soon, thank god I can stay at home today!

I smile When I get to pet a cute puppy

I smile When I get to have a warm bath

I smile When a rainbow appears

I smile When there's a happy ending

I smile When I stand up for what I love, not for what others want me to love

I smile When your eyes meet mine

I smile When you brush my hair gently

I smile When you hug me and tell me that everything will be alright

I smile When you interrupt my blabbering with a kiss

I smile When I'm woken up, in the middle of a dream, the soft light entering through the window... When I turn around and see

Two eyes brighter than the sun

Two lips which whispers in my ear "Good morning"

One face I always see in my best dreams

I smile when I see


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