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gachauwu Oya oya oya? *insert gay (smh XD)*
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yyyyyooooo I'm finally done wid dees art requestssss :"D

Sorry I took so long x3

also, to @icedrag0n , sorry that I did not draw female blue, ink and error πŸ˜”πŸ‘Š

I hope yall like the result of your requests!!

yyyyyyooooo I'm finally done wid dis xD Sorry if I took too long :/

Also pls dont mind the correction tape that yu might see on the artworks (b r u h I was drawin with a ballpoint pen, wHaDdYa ExPeCt xD)

Aaaanyway let's just get on with it xDD lOoOoOoOlLlL xD have a kewl sans xDDDD

aHhHHh fInAlLy Im doNe I hope yall liked the result of your request :D Time to switch back to sans mode (aka lazy mode) and go get some ketchup (ngl I love eating ketchup xD)

xD kk boiii (have a sans mem u-u✨✨)

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