Random sketchbook reveal xD
Random sketchbook reveal xD random stories

gachauwu Beep bo bo skdoo bap boop
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Random sketchbook reveal again =w=

I added Yandere Sanses inside coz why not
(I love em u-u✨)

Hope y'all like this trash smh TTwTT

Random sketchbook reveal xD

Sooooo, as ya peeps can see, on the front page I put Yandere Blueberry (aka Yanberry) as I guess I kiiiiinda feel like I wanna squish him in a huggggg xD Who wouldn't love Yanberryyyyyyy u-u✨ (Imean I simp for all teh sanses sooo =w=)

Imeannnnnn Uhhhhh, I think it's coz it's yandere specifically?? I haven't liked Blue that much until I found his yandere self x333 AJSJJSJAJSAS Sorry sansy xD Don't kill meh xD

AnYwAy xD

On To Da ArTtTtTtT (xD I love dis giffffff)

Dat some art for meh fwend u-u✨

Meh jus bein random again uwu (Imma put yandere sanses as the backgrounds now coz why not u-u✨💙)

An oc for meh fwend again xD

That's Among Us xD

Okay that's cringe but jus a doodle uwu I personally love Lust and Fell from there x3 (Danggg my pic-taking sucks xD)

Ahhhhhh I hope yee like this cringe xD

xD boiiii (Why can't I help mahself but love yandereee TTwTT)

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