Pun Love Part 7 --Sans x Fell-- Gay
Pun Love Part 7
--Sans x Fell--
Gay pun love stories

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Part 7 of Pun Love!!

Pun Love Part 7 --Sans x Fell-- Gay

PREVIOUSLY: {Narrator's (My) POV} Sans and Fell fumbled around while standing in front of each other, presumably uncomfortable. At that exact moment, Frisk shouted.... Frisk: MISTLETOE!!!!!! Both Papyrus and Frisk gave Sans and Fell a huge push, and...

Sans and Fell slammed into a huge kiss as everyone watching cheered in victory. Sans wanted to pull back, but Fell loved him too much, so he wrapped his arms tightly around Sans and kissed him even harder. Sans eventually gave in, kissing him back equally as hard, but....

Sans: *pulls back sharply* I-I.....I shouldn't have done that....y-you have a c-crush....I'm really really sorry....*adverts eyes* *walks out room quickly* Fell: *hurt* ......... Frisk and Papyrus: ................ (Mind(s): What are we going to do now....?)

<later> Frisk: *goes to Sans's room* *knocks on door* Sans....can I come in....? Sans: *sniffs* mhm..... Frisk: *opens door* *walks in* Sans: *stutters* W-what do y-you need? *sniffs* *wipes tears* Frisk: Sans....you like Fell, don't you?

Sans: Yeah....but I d-don't want to i-interfere with his relationship with his c-crush....*sniffs* Frisk: But Fell loves YOU, Sans! That was the reason why he kissed you for so long just now! He has always loved you as you were his first crush! Sans: Y-you....really mean it....?

Frisk: Yes! Now if you really like Fell, confess to him! I'm sure you both are a good match! Trust me! *winks* Sans: Thanks, I guess....*walks out of room* <Fell's room> *knock knock* Fell: Come in...

Sans: *comes in* Um....F-fell... Fell: *still hurt and confused*......what do you want now? Sans: W-who is y-your crush....? *blushes* Fell: *embarrassed* *blushes* .........It's...... Sans: It's?

Fell: I LIKE YOU!!!! *blushes madly* Sans: *shocked* *blushes* I--... I love y-you too... {Narrator's (My) POV} Fell pulls Sans into another huge kiss as Sans grasped onto him tightly. Suddenly.....

Papyrus: *walks into the room* Sans, pick up your---*sees Sans and Fell kissing* Ohohoho~~ So you guys are a "thing" now, huh? *chuckles and walks out of room* Sans and Fell: *blushes*.....

Will Sans and Fell really become "a thing" as Papyrus said?

Ciao!🤗✌️👀 👅

Thank you all SO MUCH for reading Part 7 of Pun Love! I'm actually super surprised that this whole series was a HUGE hit and was even featured in the "Topics For You" list!!! 💖

By the way, Here's a spoiler!!


Adios amigos!!!

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