Pun Love Part 6 --Sans x Fell-- Gay
Pun Love Part 6
--Sans x Fell--
Gay pun love stories

gachauwu Oya oya oya? *insert gay (smh XD)*
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Part 6 of Pun Love!!

Pun Love Part 6 --Sans x Fell-- Gay

PREVIOUSLY: Fell: (Mind: What in the world is going on? Why is this happening to me? Every single time when I try to start a conversation, Sans always pulls back! I must do something to resolve this!)

NOW: {Narrator's (My) POV} Fell tossed and turned in bed, unable to sleep but trying to think of a way to help Sans. However, his mind was a complete blank, seeming as if every idea was floating away.... <next day, breakfast> (Only Frisk and Papyrus are awake)

Frisk: Hey Paps, don't you think it's weird that Sans is avoiding Fell right now? Papyrus: I know, right?! We gotta do something!! Do you have any ideas? Frisk:...... {Narrator's (My) POV} Suddenly, Frisk caught sight of the calendar. An astounding idea came crashing into Frisk's mind like a flash flood.

Frisk: I think.....*grins* Papyrus: ? Frisk: *whispers idea into Papyrus's ear* Papyrus: *face brightens into a huge grin* Really good idea, Frisk! Now let's get those two lovebirds together!!

<CHRISTMAS> [7:45am] {Narrator's (My) POV} The whole family woke up extra early in the morning, preparing all the decorations around the house all day while Frisk and Papyrus were secretly discussing their plan....

Sans: *walks into the room* *sleepy* *yawns* Hey...why's everyone up so early....? *rubs eyes* Frisk: Oh, no reason!! *giggles* Sans: ? <later, breakfast> Sans: *sees Fell walk into the room* *turns away to hide face*

Frisk: Oh! Fell! Come over here for a while, please~ Fell: Whaddya need? Frisk: Please stand here... *indicates spot for Fell to stand* Papyrus: (to Sans) Brother, stand on the other side...there. *points towards next to where Fell was standing*

{Narrator's (My) POV} Sans and Fell fumbled around while standing in front of each other, presumably uncomfortable. At that exact moment, Frisk shouted.... Frisk: MISTLETOE!!!!!! Both Papyrus and Frisk gave Sans and Fell a huge push, and...

What will happen to Sans and Fell?

Hey howdie hey!! (inspired by @sanstehperson XD)

Thanks y'all for waiting for Part 6 of Pun Love!! Hope you liked it!!

Peace out!!

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