The Anime Dimension Part 2
The Anime Dimension Part 2 gacha life stories

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THIS IS PART 2 TO THE FIRST ONE "THE ANIME DIMENSION PART 1" Well . . . hope you enjoy it. Enjoyy!

The Anime Dimension Part 2

The group of girls were in a portal dimension world! @desh_savage: AHHHHHH!!!AHHHH! WHERE ARE WE!? @gachauwu: Idk. *sits up* I think . . . @4reamsans: This is crazy. Crazy. @starrgazer157:No kidding. We don't know where we are and now we are in some crazy colorful world-

@gacha_geek: We get it! I just don't understand. Where the literal are we? @musical_mutt: *widens eyes* I think we are in Gacha Life. @dest_savage: What?!? I did not just hear you say that. @musical_mutt: Yeah. This scene looks the exact same from Gacha Life. Well . . . That i know of anyway.

@chloetheanime: *panics* OH NO!!! WE ARE STUCK IN GACHA LIFE AND WE ARE STUCK HERE FOREVER!!!! *begins to sob* @starrgazer157: Calm down, Chloe. You are fine. Breathe. BREATHE! *fanning Chloe's face* @gacha_geek: Guys. Musical might be right. And i think that the portal sent us hear for a reason. It is like some sort of puzzle.

We have to solve it to be able to get out. Then out of nowhere a young girl with blond hair and an orange and black shirt with a orange heart on it. Along with her shirt she also had a white and black beret on her head which had white tasles, orange and black striped stockings and goofy black shades that covered her eyes. @gachauwu couldn't tell what color the girls eyes were.

@4reamsans: Who are you? ??: My name is Daisy. musical_mutt: OMG! That is Daisy from Gacha Life. One of the presets I think. @gachauwu: Oh. Your right. That is Daisy. @gacha_geek:O M G. That is totally Daisy. This is NOT real. No. It can't be! @dest_savage: Woah. @chloetheanime: OMG SHE IS DAISY! I LOVE THAT PRESET!

@starrgazer157: Oh god. Oh god. Jeez . . . and calm down Chloe. Your making a racket. I am trying to think of a solution of getting out of here. @4reamsans: How old are you, Daisy? Daisy:15 @gacha_geek: *narrows eyes* Are you sure. I don't think Daisy is 15 in the presets. @musical_mutt: Now that i think about it. I don't think so either.

@dest_savage: Are you a fake?! Daisy:*widens eyes animatedly* No. Of course no. Why would you think that? @4reamsans: Because you don't have the proper birthday. I think Daisy is 12 or 13. @gacha_geek: FAKE! RUN! Go away. We don't want to see you. We don't care if this is Gacha World or Gacha Life. @chloetheanime: But- @starrgazer: SIS! Do not disagree with us. We are in this together.

All of the girls cheered except @chloetheanime. Daisy: *laughs weirdly, sounds like evil laugh* Whatever. Then i will have to take someone to the king and queen of Gacha Life City. @chloetheanime: What? What do you mean? Daisy: What about you? Chloe is it? Come on Chloe you are coming with me!* grabs @chloetheanime by her sleeve and ties rope around both wrists*

Your mine. Your coming to Gacha Life city! Then Daisy vanished, along with @chloetheanime. @starrgazer157: *screams* NOOOO! SIS!!! WHERE DID YOU GO!!! COME BACK, CLO!! @dest_savage: I don't think she is coming back. . . I-i am so sorry.

@gacha_geek: *eyes start to fill with tears* Chloe. N-no. S-he c-can't be gone. S-she is not d-dead. Sh-sh- she is fine. *puts head in hands and crys* @4reamsans: Oh god. Where did they go? @musical_mutt: They went to Gacha Life City. People who are not royal can't be there or they are tresspassing and get sent to Gacha Club City's prison because Gacha Life City doesn't have any.

@gachauwu: So you are saying that we have to go to Gacha Club City to retrieve Chloe? @musical_mutt: I am afraid so. @4reamsans: Thats terrible! That will probably take forever to get to GCC. @gacha_geek: *sniffles* I have heard of it. It does take quite a long time to get there. About over 5 miles from here. @starrgazer157: OMG! We have to go THAT far?! @gachauwu: It sounds like it.

ToBeContinued . . .

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