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Q&A results. This is for the post before this.
Enjoy peeps!!

Q&A Results

So these are the awesome people who commented . . . . I will basically answer all of your/there questions.

Here they are!!!

Do you have any siblings?

As a matter of fact I do. I have an annoying 15 year old brother who constantly picks on me. XD


These are my fabulous questions!! 1. What is your favorite WOF character(IF ANY) 2. Do you REALLY love Gacha life? 3. Do u have siblings? 4. What is your favorite Mha character?

My favorite WOF character is . . . Peril. She has a rough time around but she still is the most friendliest.

I DECENTLY like Gacha Life. I am not really that obsessed with it anymore. I just make and watch YouTube videos on YouTube

Once again i have my annoying brother lol.

My favorite Mha character would be . . . Todoroki. He is just charming and cool.


1. What is your favorite anime? 2. Favorite book? 3. Favorite scenery? (sunset, sunrise, etc.)

My favorite anime would be Pokemon. (Sorry Mha fans TvT)

My favorite book(s) of all time would be Harry Potter. I am a PotterFan UwU.

My favorite scenery would be Sunrise. It is pretty!!!


I love ur new profile pic. These are meh Q's 1. Favorite color? 2. Favorite movie? 3.Favorite book?

My favorite color is Lavender.(My room is that color UwU)

My favorite movie is Sandlot. It is such a heart warming and cute movie.

My favorite book would be . . . . I'll change my answer for this one. Maze Runner. So MUCH action.

Bye Guys!!!

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