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I'm branching out a bit from commercial fiction and starting on another project I've always wanted to start. I'm scripting up the drafts of a potential comic/webcomic and I'm just posting a short run-down to gauge interest. I understand that this medium is more poetry-driven but any constructive feedback is a big help. Thanks all, and keep writing.

Untitled Project

Chapter 1: See the Child, or The Best Angel Alive (Pt. 1)

*Dialogue in () are thoughts, not spoken aloud.

[Setting: Fiery Background-Isaiah lying asleep]

Inner Voice: We've been able to live in peace so far... Really, I knew this wouldn't last forever, but I had hope that it would, last longer than this at least.

We're still just a baby, but we can't hide anymore. I can feel it, the evil is starting to move. I know you're ready, but I don't feel I am. Isaiah, destiny is starting to move.

Destiny is starting to move...

[Setting: A boy's bedroom. Messy, with moderate decoration. Isaiah wakes up to the sound of someone shouting his name. Hanging from the ceiling is a birdcage, with a small bird inside.

Isaiah begins rushing to put on an outfit. A girl in the corner leaning against a wall near the birdcage watches nonchalantly.]

Outer Voice: Look's like action might pick up today. Are you ready?

Isaiah: I wish it wasn't Manic Monday...I wish it was Sunday...I really hate Manic Monday...Why do I like that song? I thought only white people liked that song.

Outer Voice: (Still can't hear me.)

Isaiah moves to a mirror and fluffs his hair a la "Static Shock." Taking some keys off his desk he moves to the birdcage.

A bird that fits into his hand hops in, and brings the bird to his hair, "Today it'll finally happen. Finally get to show what's what."

[Exiting into the hallway, narration can be heard. A news station.]

TV: The most pressing news, of course today is the absence of a Prime Minister of Council.

Many experts are debating who are the best and most prominent names to fill that void after the previous to hold the position retired after holding it for the past two generations.

Many angels have already announced their candidacy, including the controversial Wilhelm, who's checkered past on civil liberties...

[Isaiah enters a dining hall/kitchen, where three women were already dining at a table, and one at work in a kitchen.]

Isaiah: Y'all started without me?

Hu: Of course we did. What did you expect Isaiah?

Isaiah: A grace period. [She shoots him a deadly look.]

Auntie: I thought you'd be up before all of us, honey. This is the day you get to come with us, after all. Is your stuff ready?

Isaiah [moving to the kitchen]: Yeah, it's about time. Bag's already packed. It's boring without me, isn't it?

Grandma [eating something sweet, with a small bird on her shoulder]: Nope!

Isaiah: I hate you so much.

Auntie [putting a hand on Grandma pretending to be hurt]: Izzy!

Isaiah: Sorry Auntie. Hey Ms. Jaz, I'll take it from here. Go eat your breakfast.

Jaz [with a kiss to his forehead]: Thank you Izzy. Aren't you nice this morning?

Isaiah: Are you insinuating I'm not always this gentle?

Jaz [sitting with the rest]: Gentile is not a word that I would associate with you getting out of bed. It's a struggle to even see you up this early. And dressed!

Isaiah: Y'all said we was gonna go get groceries today, right?

Auntie: Yeah, sweetie, so finish the breakfast fast so we can eat and get out of here and get to the shopping district. I need a new pair of earrings, my last pair got lost.

Jaz: How did that happen?

Auntie: Well I think....[drowns out]

TV: Perhaps a darkhorse candidate everyone is keeping an eye on is Lalam, an 8th generation angel who has seen rising popularity in thanks to her service with the Skyforce.

She has publicly stated she is not looking for candidacy,

but hopes that the whoever is picked as the Prime Minister would make it their first duty to find and designate the new generation's Champion, ever since the last...

[Hu and Grandma give each other concerned, sad looks]


[Setting: In the small town. People walking to and fro]

Auntie: How are the lessons going?

Isaiah: I mean, they're going good in the sense that I should've stopped them a long time ago. Look at these hands! I know how to play guitar.

Auntie: You can always get better, y'know smarty pants.

Isaiah: No, the only reason that I'm still taking those lessons is because y'all don't trust me to be by myself yet. Only reason Olivia keeps coming around.

She told me she's just my babysitter at this point.

Auntie: She told you?! Oh, well, I mean...

Isaiah: So it was true! Oh come on! [he begins opening a door into a store]

Auntie: Hey, you're coming with us today! Call it even, kiddo.

[In the store, a smoke shop. Adults of all ages looking over the wares. At the counter, a man in a hijab and a thick cigar.]

Isaiah: Yo Mr. Atif? Got the usual for us?

Mr. Atif [with a wink]: Your grandma called me earlier today. Already have your stuff under my desk.

Auntie: Thanks Atif. How's your daughter? [they trade coins for two boxes in a bag]

Atif: Adiva is doing great, thank Tae. Hey Izzy, while you're here, think you can do it? [waving his cigar]

Isaiah: Can I do it? As long as those old ladies keep killing their lungs I can do it. Don't tell Ms. Hu I said that. Please, don't tell her I said that.

Atif: Oh yeah? Show me?

[Isaiah makes a handgun and aims fiercely. A spout of fire as small as a lighter's flame traverses slowly, slowly until it burns the front of Atif's cigar, lighting it.

A young man sees this and snickers.]

Isaiah: First try! It's official, I'm a genius.

Atif: You're at least better than last time. It took you like eight tries last month.

Isaiah: Don't keep that attitude with me, you don't want the smoke.

Auntie [covering the boy's mouth] Thank Atif! We'll be back in a week or two, so have our things ready!

[Atif waves while smoking. They exit to where the three women are waiting for them. They are holding various bags and wares. They look saddened.]

Hu: Do you have the coals?

Auntie: Right here Ms. Hu. What's wrong?

Hu: Let's go home. We need to speak.

Isaiah: So fast? I thought y'all wanted to do some more stuff?

Hu: Things have changed, Isaiah.

[Auntie and Isaiah exchange concerned looks.]

Vendor: Half Off! Half Off! Fresh out the spinner!

Grandma [reenergized]: Cotton candy! Here Izzy, take these. I was gonna have you carry them anyway! [She piles all her handbags onto the boy, smiling and rushes off page.]

Isaiah: I really hate her...

[Jaz, Hu, Auntie all give the boy sour faces]


[Back at the house in the living room. All the women standing in front of the door with luggage bags.]

Jaz: This is not fair to him at all.

Hu: Isaiah!

Isaiah [coming into the room]: I'm here, I'm here! Let's go! [he sees they are all reluctant] You gotta be kidding me. You can't do this. You can not do this.

Auntie: I'm sorry, Izzy. I'm so sorry. But this, has become way more than any of us expected. I can't risk taking you.

Isaiah: I can do it. Whatever "it" is. Just let me show you. I won't get in anyone's way.

Hu: No, you can't. That's why we're telling you you can't come with us. I'm sorry Isaiah, but it'll have to wait until another time.

Isaiah: How will you know if you don't even let me try?

Hu: Excuse me?

Isaiah: Ms. Hu, please. I'm a peacock, you gotta let me fly!

Grandma: Oh, you were watching that movie again?

Isaiah: I'm glad someone caught that reference.

Auntie: Either way, it's settled. I'm sorry Izzy.

Isaiah: Really, it's like that? [looking for help]

Auntie: Don't look at them. They're not changing anything.


Auntie: I'm sorry Izzy.

Isaiah [sighing, but relieved]: Fine, but y'all better bring me something back in return. Something other than a kiddy toy this time, please?

Auntie [giving a weak smile, and a bearhug]: I love you, so, so much! I'll bring you something you'll actually enjoy this time, just wait.

Jaz: We'll be back soon, Izzy. [kiss on the cheek] Behave while we're gone. [she exits out the front door]

[Hu just exits out the front door after]

[Grandma comes up and separates them] Grandma: I love you Izzy.

Isaiah: I love you too, Grandma. [They embrace]

Grandma [kisses him on the cheek, giving him a piece of candy]: Don't burn the house down.

Isaiah: No promises. Y'all left me here too many times.

Grandma [exiting]: I'll have something sweet for you if the house is still here when we're back!

Isaiah [to Auntie]:When will y'all be back?

Auntie: Hopefully in a week.

Isaiah: So next month. Got it.

[Auntie begins to tear up]

Isaiah: Auntie I was just joking! I know you'll be back when you can.

Auntie: I know... I know, I just... I'm so sorry Izzy. I know this isn't what we said, but, I promise...

Isaiah: Auntie, you're okay. It's fine, believe me. I used to it by now.

Auntie: That's what's wrong, Izzy! That's the problem. I...

[She hears her name out the front door. They embrace one more time. She kisses his forehead, exiting with her bag. Izzy closes the door and heads back to the room in the beginning, sullen.}

Outer Voice [same spot]: They really screwed us over, huh? What're we gonna do now?

[Isaiah massages his temples. His little bird perches on his shoulder.]

Isaiah [to the bird]: I know right? So fake. They really had us in the first half. I really want to do something other than play guitar and watch depressing news right now.

Outer Voice: You could play guitar and watch Disney+?

Isaiah [to the bird]: No, I do not want to go start a forest fire with you. What is wrong with you; you need to get that checked out?

Outer Voice: (Still no use. Why do I even try?)


[Isaiah and the bird head to his window]

Isaiah: What the crap was that?

[He looks around his room, as if to see if someone else is watching him. With some reluctance, he steps outside his window onto the grassy hills that surround his house.

He heads in the direction of the sound.]

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