Chapter 1:First Day of Hogwarts
Chapter 1:First Day of Hogwarts stories

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Voldemort didn't kill James and Lily, Harry was able to grow up with his parents...

Chapter 1:First Day of Hogwarts

Lily ran into Harry's room where he was in his crib.

The sounds of someone stumbling from a room — a door bursting open — a cackle of high-pitched laughter

“Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!”

“Stand aside you silly girl … stand aside now.” Voldemort yelled at her

“Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead — ” she started sobbing and was struggling to catch her breath “Not Harry! Please … have mercy … have mercy… ”

Harry heard a shrill voice laughing and the woman screaming

Harry remembers a blinding green flash and a burning pain in his forehead, then a high, cold cruel laugh.

Lily remembers the fear she felt when she thought her baby was dying, but all of the sudden Voldemort hit the floor and crumpled up into a bloody alien-looking body.

Lily passed out after that, but as far as she's been told, Snape and a group of Aurors ran in and somehow got Voldemort into Azkaban.

He’s never bothered the wizarding world after that and his followers very rarely cause any disruption, and when they do, they get thrown into Azkaban along with him.

“Harry!” James yelled, running down the hallways like more of a teenager than an adult.

“It’s your first day, wake up!” Harry’s father burst through the door with a goofy smile, crooked smile, and messy black hair pointing in every direction.

He was still him his Gryffindor pajama bottoms and T-shirt that had a hole in it.

Harry’s mom, Lily, came following after her husband. She was wearing a light pink silk robe with her hair clipped up in a messy do.

She picked at her husband playfully, “Take a breath and settle down James, it's his first day of Hogwarts, not Christmas.” She sat down on the end of Harry’s bed.

“How do you feel? Are you ready?”

Harry thought about it. He had already been to Hogwarts a few times to visit his uncle Remus while he was working as a professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts.

He vividly remembered a quite annoying ghost messing around, along with moving staircases that he personally felt threatened his life.

Hogwarts didn't seem that bad, but he always had his parents there with him, they knew the castle, he didn't, so of course, he was nervous.

He swallowed a big gulp of tea, put on a brave face, and said “I’m sure I'll be fine there. I'm excited… really.” At that, James got excited, but Lily knew he was nervous.

“Drink your tea, I'll go make sure everything is ready and packed for you” She ruffled his already messy hair and left the room.

Harry looked at his dad, “Is Uncle Sirius going with us to the train station?”

“Yes of course,” he replied, “but don't tell your mother.”


“Think about it, Harry… Why?”

“Dog trick?” Harry said with hope in his voice.

James cracked a goofy childlike smile. “Dog trick” He grabbed Harry's drink off of his nightstand and sipped it, winking at Harry.

Harry stood outside by the car that his mother insisted on using to get to King’s Cross station.

James came outside holding a bag that had a Gryffindor symbol on the front of it. “This is the last of it.” He put the bag in the trunk of the car and slammed it shut.

“Okay, guys it's time to go, don't want to be late for the train.”


“What?” Lily sounded a little panicked, but also a little bored.

“There's a hurt animal over here can we help him?” He was rounding a big bush and focusing on the side opposite of Lily.

“No Harry don't touch it, it could bite you.” This time she was giving him a considerable amount of attention, she didn't want to risk being late because Harry was acting like his father.

“Its fine he's not gonna hurt me” Harry reached out and rapidly hit the ground screaming.

“Harry no!” Lily started running towards him. When she rounded the bush she saw a huge black dog laying on top of her scrawny son.

The terrified look immediately disappeared from her face and turned into irritation. The big dog jumped up on her and playfully licked her face. As she hit the ground she started laughing.

“Sirius! Sirius Black, stop.” She hopped up and wiper herself off. “If you wanted to come all you had to do was ask. Hurry up and go change, we don't need to be late.”

The dog ran behind the bush while Harry and Lily walked back to the car. James was sitting in the driver's seat waiting for them. “Sirius make it?” He asked Lily.

She looked at him through her eyelash with a playful scolding look, confirming that Sirius had arrived.

A few minutes later a tall thin man popped up from behind the bush. He had high cheekbones, he was tall and had shoulder length wavy hair that hung down to his shoulders.

He sat in the back seat next to Harry.

“You ready for your first day? What house do you think you're gonna be in?” Sirius asked Harry while he out a cigarette between his lips and lit it.

“Oh, Sirius, don't smoke that in here”

“Oh, Lily, it's been years, get used to it.”

King’s Cross station was packed with full of muggles, but also had its fair share of wizards since it was the most common way for young students to get the Hogwarts.

Every now and then Harry, James, and Sirius would see someone they knew.

Every once in a while, they would stop to ask how people are doing, Lily would smile, James would crack jokes, and Sirius would smoke his cigarettes with a bored look on his face.

Lily was looking around happily, consumes with the nostalgic feeling that was brought on by all the young wizards excited to get back to Hogwarts.

While she was looking around, something caught her eye and her whole body whipped around to the left.

“What?” Harry asked. “What's wrong?

“Nothing, I just thought I saw somebody I knew from when I was younger.”

“From school?”

“Well... no. She's a muggle.” Lily bit her bottom lip tentatively. “Her name was Petunia.”

James and Sirius looked at each other, they knew that Lily’s sister was a touchy topic, but Harry had no idea who his aunt was, so he just shrugged his shoulders.

“Neville! Neville, hey!” Harry spotted his friend, Neville Longbottom, and his grandmother, Augusta Longbottom.

As harry was walking away, Lily addressed the previous situation.

“I can't believe I just saw my sister.”

“Okay, so she's at the train station, her home isn't too far from here is it?”

“Well what's the big deal? Do you miss her? Do you want to go find her? We can find her.” Lily stayed silent. “Okay well are you mad at her? Do you want to go find her? We can hex her.

” Agreement from Sirius, silence from Lily. “Okay honey, I really don't know where to go with this so start if you want to start talking now...”

“Why would she be here when she knows this is the day that students are going to Hogwarts? I mean, she grew up with me, she knows this stuff, shs not an idiot, y’know?”

“Maybe it wasn't even her.” Sirius suggested. “You might just be wrong.

“No It was her. I know my sister.”

“Okay, okay. Well what good reason does she have for being here then?”

Lily thought. None. No good reason, She looked at Sirius with a fro0m look and said “Bite me.”

The three went looking for Harry but discovered he was already in the tain with Neville. They were happy he had gotten over his nervousness.

Sirius, Lily, James, and Augusta stood, waving at the two children while they sat on the other side of the glass, getting comfy in their compartment.

In the compartment it was just Neville and Harry alone for a few minutes, until 3 other children knocked on the door. Harry got up and slid the glass door open and sat back down silently.

The first person to talk was a short girl with big front teeth and frizzy brown hair. “Hi. I'm Hermione Granger.” She sounded closer to screaming than she did to talking.

“This is Ron,” she gestured to a gangly, freckled face redhead boy, “and this is Dudley.

” She gestured to a short round kid whose face was pink an being stuffed with chocolate frogs from the trolley.

“DUDLEY DURSLEY.” The big boy said, as thought his name was supposed to be important.

Harry thought maybe he should be friends with a Malfoy, with the way he was already throwing his name around as though he was important.

“Well, hi there, Dudley DURSLEYYY. Im Harry.”

“Have you gotten broken legs? Move!”

Harry scrambled to the other side of the compartment and sat next to Neville, his eyes wide in shock of how rude this kid was being.

Harry wasn't the most pleasant person, but he wasn't mean either.

“I'm sorry. That was rude. Here,” Dudley got up, “you can have your seat back.” Harry was very confused.

“He's working on that attitude.” Said Hermione, matter-of-factly.

“Okay?” Who were they to come in and yell and act like an apology just fixes it? “Do I know you?”

“No.” The red-headed boy said from behind the poofy hair. “But I think I know you.”

“Oh here we go…”

“You're Harry Potter, right? Can I see the scar?”

“No.” Harry was so tired of pulling back his messy black hair jst to show people a small little scar that Voldemort gave him.

All they ever did was gasp and ask for details, or, “DO YOU REMEMBER IT?!?!?!?” “WHAT DID HE LOOK LIKE?” “DID HE REALLY HAVE NO NOSE?”

“Well, can I sit?” Ron asked.

“I suppose I can't stop you.”

“My name is Ron Weasley.” Ron looked at him a little shy while introducing himself.

“This is Neville Longbottom.” Said Harry, having his arm towards his friend. “Don't be afraid to talk Neville.”

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