A Game of Truth and Lies | Chapter One
A Game of Truth and Lies | Chapter One mystery stories
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Thea was born and raised in Seattle along with her twin sister Phoebe, but when she moves to Massachusetts she starts experiencing weird phenomenons. who can she trust? Is it real or is it all in her head? Can she solve this mystery before she herself becomes a part of it?

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A Game of Truth and Lies | Chapter One

by Gabriella

Thea lifted her body from her seat in the car, slightly readjusting herself in hopes that it would relieve some numbing in her backside and down her legs.

She never liked the back seat, but being the youngest she didn't get to sit in the much softer, and spacious, front seat. That space was occupied by her elder twin, Phoebe.

It made long trips like these miserable for her, especially with all their bags piled next to her.

She was tired of sitting in the car, that day alone they had already driven 8 hours, for the fifth day in a row.

Thea laid her head against the window, the chill from the rain outside slightly numbed the side of her head as it vibrated lightly against it.

With her headphones in she easily got lost in her own thoughts thinking about her friends that she left behind and how she would have to spend her senior year starting all over.

Her mother and sister both knew she wasn't a fan of the move, but they really had no choice after their mother remarried.

Their new stepfather was a lawyer, his office was located in Massachusetts, across the country from where the girls lived.

Which meant that they had to move all the way across the country right at the end of their school lives.

Thea had grown up in Seattle her whole life she had her friends Jeremy and Maya, but she had to leave them behind.

Of course they had their group chat, but she knew that eventually they would lose touch and forget about each other or at least that's what she expected.

She always had a bright thought in the back of her mind, but she always had realistic expectations as well.

She heard noises through the sound of her headphones and took one out to hear her mother speaking.

"I really hope you girls like it here, I know it's going to be difficult at first, but I think we'll just quickly."

Phoebe smiled at their mother and Thea rolled her eyes and laid her head back against the window.

The sisters may have been twins, but their personalities couldn't be more different, Phoebe was extroverted and always a happy girl making new friends wherever she went.

Thea mostly stuck to herself and didn't want to bother anybody. The girls were surprisingly good to each other despite their differences.

They knew that no matter what they would always stick together.

Up in the front seat, Phoebe looked at the GPS, "It looks like we're almost there, only a few more miles to go.

" Her voice sounded cheerful yet the same time she wasn't overly excited she knew the cost of moving across country, and she had paid the price.

Back in Seattle she had a boyfriend that she dated for almost two years, when she told him about the move and suggested they start a long distance relationship he broke up with her on the spot.

Phoebe saw it as having nothing to leave behind and everything to gain with the move, but Thea knew it really hurt Phoebe and when she came home crying she was the first to comfort her.

Thea turned her music back on and looked out the window and watched as trees passed.

Eventually the tree line got thinner and thinner and then houses popped up one after another their suburban style really showing that they were in a much smaller town than they were used to,

it was going to be an adjustment for the girls but they both knew that they could manage.

At the top of the hill their mother turned onto a street, a green sign marking it as Bellum Drive.

A large truck backed into a driveway marked their new home. It was decently sized made out of red bricks which looks so old they were almost brown.

A man stood out front directing multiple people in matching uniforms, they walked from truck to house back and forth with boxes and furniture and loose appliances.

Their mother pulled to the side of the road in front of the house, both the girls got out and immediately went to the trunk and stood waiting for their mother to open it.

Once the girls both got their bags, Thea immediately went to the front door passing by Eric quickly so that she wouldn't have to greet her.

Phoebe on the other hand stopped for a moment and watched as her mother gave him a hug and a kiss greeting each other as if they hadn't seen each other for months when in reality it had been

a week. Phoebe groaned slightly, still broken up about her relationship. She gave Eric a slight nod as a 'what's up', and she followed Thea to the house.

Thea quickly when at the staircase that was right next to the front door and looked at the bedrooms.

There were four bedrooms up there one for her parents and three that her and Phoebe could choose from all of which had the same beds in them, but they would be decorated with their own items.

Since Thea got up there first she got to choose first, and she chose the biggest. It had its own closet and a half bathroom.

She threw her stuff on the bed just as Phoebe got up the stairs and looked inside, Phoebe growled, "You're lucky you got up here first, or I would have picked this one.

" Phoebe turned and stuck her tongue out playfully.

"There are other rooms to choose from, you know." Thea responded.

Phoebe rolled her eyes and walked off.

Thea laid in bed and wondered what school would be like the next day.

They just got there, and they didn't have a chance to sleep off the car ride it was already the middle of the semester and so the girls had to get started as soon as possible,

which meant they had to get as much unpacking done as they could.

She thought of Jeremy and Maya and hoped they were doing okay without her, hoping that they wouldn't replace her as soon as she was gone.

They're old school had over 3,000 kids in it, so it didn't seem like too hard of a feat for them to pull off.

It was different now their new school, Sleepford high, had less than 400 students, a big difference compared to Seattle.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a light knock on her door frame she opened her eyes and looked over and saw her mother hey when you took a chance I want to talk to you downstairs she

is simply looked away and looked back at the ceiling she wanted to get someone packing done first, and then she would.

A few hours later the moving truck had already left and half the boxes in each of the girls' room were already unpacked,

the living room and kitchen and the rest of the house was going to have to wait until the next few days.

The girls both sat at the dining room table, their mother sitting down in front of the girls, "I know this is a small town and so it shouldn't really be all that dangerous here,

but I want you two to look out for each other. I heard that a girl went missing almost a year ago.

Just for a bit until we get used to this town and everything, I want you to let me know where you are.

" Phoebe seemed slightly surprised, but Thea wasn't, when she was told where she would be moving to she automatically did a little research.

The girl's name was Hannah, she went missing around December of the year before. No one knows what happened to her, and nobody's been able to find her.

Phoebe asked her mother some questions, and eventually they all agreed that for the first month they would keep track of each other until they were used to the town and it's layout.

The girls eventually headed back upstairs to finish packing, Thea stopped at her doorway as her sister passed behind her and turned to get her attention.

"Phoebe, tomorrow at school you're not going to ditch me or you?" She knew that her sister's opposite personality to her own would leave her having more troubles at school than her counterpart.

Phoebe turned towards her sister with a caring look on her face, "Not if you don't want me to."

She wanted to reassure her sister that she wouldn't leave her behind, they both knew they needed each other, especially in a new and unfamiliar environment.

Phoebe knew Thea had trouble meeting new people, and Thea knew that Phoebe was still a bit untrusting after her relationship.

The girls never really needed words to communicate each other's feelings, and they always just knew how the other was struggling and how they were excelling,

it's what really kept them close together.

Some people called it twins intuition, but the girls always said they just knew each other that well ever since they were kids.

They rarely ever argued or disagreed, of course there the times they fought over toys when they were children but never over how the other was feeling or if either was felt left out.

At this point, both of the girls probably thought they really did have twins intuition, if only slightly, but they didn't care.

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