The one you left at half past two
The one you left at half past two stories

gabbycamposCommunity member
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The one you left at half past two

by gabbycampos

My innocence didn't save me from my memories

Of how you kissed me goodbye and said it'll be alright

I knew you meant well, but I was so young

that I forgot what it felt

to be held

I thought that maybe when I would see you again

that I'd remember how to be loved

But you'd forgotten too

So I taught myself to forget about being loved

Instead I remembered

What it felt to be alone

To teach myself to always give love

But never take it in return

Because that was the one thing you taught me

But it never felt right

For I was covered in tears

and filled with lies

All I felt was empty

With nothing inside

And so I drowned myself in the sea

Because I could never be

the one you left at half past two

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