Why Don't They See?
Why Don't They See? facing reality stories

g_rose_58 she/her, BI Pride, Marvel fic Writer
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this is a poem i wrote when I felt trapped in my own head and i didnt want to tell anyone but i was also hurt when nobody asked "how are you doing?" or "What's up?" it is also in dedication to all the women who feel the same weather it is domestic violence or something else, (That goes for the guys too<3) this is for you guys.

Why Don't They See?

I'm so tired, tired of trying to make them see.

My eyes don't shine anymore, my step has lost its bounce.

Why don't they see?

See how hard i'm trying to make things right, to be a good daughter, sister and friend.

Why don't they see?

See how hard I'm trying to be heard, but nobody seems to listen.

Why don't they see?

Why can they not see how hard I'm trying to keep it together but feel like I have accomplished nothing, that I am nothing?

Why don't they see?

Still I put on a pretty face and pretend that everything is just fine,

Because that's all you can do.

Let nobody see weakness.

Let nobody see fear.

Why don't they see?

Because I don't want them to.

I don't want them to see how much I miss how it used to be.

They can't see

They can't see how much I am dying for someone to understand.

I won't let them see because if they were to see, it wouldn't get any easier for me.

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