The Perfect Perfume: A very short story
The Perfect Perfume: A very short story greed stories

g_foyles Looking for feedback on my stories :))
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A person becomes consumed by greed.

The Perfect Perfume: A very short story

If smell had texture, this would be jagged and spiny. So sharp it grips on the inside of my nose.

It almost smells pleasant, like I craving, but underneath its delightful mask a faint fetid smell begins to come through, and for only a split second did I forget that ambrosias aroma.

It 's so intoxicating, almost like poison. It reminds me of Rose, almost fruity and bubbly, yet too much bring you to a cold embrace. A smell so addicting and fragrant.

A smell I must keep inhaling, absorbing until there is nothing left. It circulates through my lungs, my veins, my head, filling me with pleasure with every breath.

Only I can experience the joys of this scent. This perfume. This drug. It's mine and only mine, I will consume it until it is no more, until I have it all.

I will do whatever it take to make it mine, only mine.

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