unrequited love (part one)
unrequited love (part one) sad stories

fwinterroses raging bisexual | ig: @fallingwinterrose
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i have no idea why i separated everything. probably because i'm just too tired.

unrequited love (part one)

the thing about love is that it consumes you

piece by piece

bit by bit

until you are nothing

the thing about it is that there is nothing you can do about the heart

that you can do nothing

we do not CHOOSE who we love.

no matter how much we might wish to.

and when it is not returned

when your heart's owner has already given their heart to someone else

all you can do is crush it down

and try to find something else

someone else

to distract you.

because even when you are locked in the kiss of another 'love'

you are still thinking of the person you never got to touch at all.

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