stolen love
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fwinterroses raging bisexual | ig: @fallingwinterrose
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stolen love, hidden away from prying eyes / fragmented love, so strong that it breaks / fake love, followed into death / a rather old poem of mine, also was published on my writing instagram acc under.ephemeral.etoiles and my fictionpress account and my website

stolen love

stolen love,

made away from all the disapproving eyes

(not real not possible)

tears cried in silence,

alone in the dark

(they don’t know they never will)

bonds formed so strong

they almost break

(is it really worth it darling)

a love too powerful,

too kindled by the flame

(don’t push me past the breaking point)

it takes forever to build

and so little to break

(i’m sorry i’m sorry please take me back)

flying away,

now just a distant dream

(i can’t let go i don’t want to please)

colors bright

against dark dark red

(your face is the only thing i remember)

falling down deep deep deep

into a fathomless darkness

(i’m letting go.)

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