i am {you thought wrong}
i am {you thought wrong} inspire stories

fwinterroses raging bisexual | ig: @fallingwinterrose
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mY GODS I'M DONE!!!! / a short little excerpt from my book to celebrate it's completion! i'm working on the publishing now :)

i am {you thought wrong}

i am not the fields of green grass that you want to dance upon

did you think you could use me for anything you wanted?

i am the farm that is next to the field

full of life and simple joy

did you think that you could climb upon me?

you were wrong

you will make no picnic ground of me

you thought you could lay down upon me

a beautiful boy

and i would embrace you

and then you would crush me into sweet-smelling bits of green

and then you would take your picnic blanket and leave with someone else

leaving nothing behind but the empty field

empty of you

empty of life

i am not the field

i am the farm that you think too dirty to go to

i am the life that fills every inch of the place

i am beautiful in my own way

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