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forever, it's a long time to be dead. roads disappear all the time. it's harder to bear when they're your friends. / look for the roads. try to save them /



[it's a long time.]

and it's a long road ahead

one that is hard to take

harder to take when roadblocks start to appear

and the roads around you?

they begin to stop.


and you are starting to tire

of going around and around

in circles

you have no more roads to guide you

no more friendly hands helping you.

because they are all gone.



the first time a friend died

i was six

she was in a car

with her brother and grandma

the car crashed

and she died.

i was too young to understand

what had happened.


the second time a friend died

it was my fault.

see, i'd been a selfish bitch

i'd posted a suicide note

ready to go


and he...

he saw.

and he could not take it.

and he killed himself.

this time i was eleven

still young,

but my mind had begun to age.

i understood exactly

what had happened.

i understood that it was all my fault.


the third time a friend died

it was my love

my best friend

i was almost twelve

it had been a beautiful day

a wonderful day

full of fun and laughter

and i check...

and she's gone.

a text from that morning

a note

a goodbye note.

it had been hours earlier

if only, if only i had checked earlier

i could've saved her.

i could've saved her.

i could've.

but i didn't.

and now she too is gone


i understand exactly what has happened

i am no longer the child i was.


see, these roads,

they can be built once

the same road is never built twice

and all these beautiful roads

these golden paths

are getting cut off

and i'm getting the urge to cut mine off too

and i don't think i can bear it if i see another road stopped short of life.

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