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fwinterroses raging bisexual | ig: @fallingwinterrose
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similar, not equal, but still all the same in so many ways / humanity and equality / so… it’s the fiftieth anniversary of martin luther king jr.’s assasination. and i was watching on the news and i thought i’d write kind of a dedication to what he fought for. / was also published on my website

equal (ity)


but… we are not equal.

we are not the same

we are not all brown hair blue eyes

we do not look the same

feel the same

act the same

but we are all humans.

we all cry. and break.

and make mistakes.

because we are human

and that’s part of our genetic code.

does it matter, how we look?

some say it means nothing

some say it means everything

it means something, i think

but not the world, and not nothing at all

it means your identity

something you can love

should love

the similarities in us are overwhelming

it’s that

0.0000000001 percent difference in us

that makes us fight

against each other,

against something that is almost ourselves

why can’t we just all hold hands?

why couldn’t the world just be okay?

why couldn’t some people see another way?

it’s just the world, i suppose

we’re not perfect, and we never will be

[it’s part of being human, after all]

but still.

we are still alike.

we are still all the same in so many different ways

and we could be okay.

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