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fwinterroses raging bisexual | ig: @fallingwinterrose
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a short little excerpt from my book.

city lights

i lie awake at night with only my memories to accompany me.

my heart is empty, but i wish my mind was the same.

it is racing, with thoughts.

i sigh. i cannot sleep, i know it.

i stand, and walk to the little window, and i sit on the hard windowsill, unfeeling of the hard surface.

i stare down at the city below.

so many.

there are so many lights, and so many people.

from the first early risers, to the hustle of the afternoon, to the free night life, so many people wandered about.

i wonder if you are still one of them, or if you are already gone from the city.

but does it matter?

a small, hopeful voice.

so many, there must be someone out there for me… right?

you don’t need someone.

but i do, i almost died without you.

no. you didn’t die. and as they say, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’

you broke me.

but maybe i can be resurrected into someone better.



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