Biblical Friendship
Biblical Friendship bible stories

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I learned this is a bible study at my church and it was amazing! It is really good advice for EVERYONE. :)

Also, read 1 Samuel 18-24

Biblical Friendship

Biblical Friendship is: Built on the foundation on your relationship with God.

Is not: personality, gifts, strengths, or a sense or humor. Is: a gift and work of the Lord, not a result of fellowship, activities, common interests, or location.

Is: Service centered and sacrificial, not self-centered.

Is: Loving each other in all seasons, not being fair-weathered.

Is: Encouraging and equipping, not enabling and exasperating.

Things to help grow in our friendships:

1. Seek the Lord above all things. 2. Have only the expectation of serving your friend. 3. Put in hard work!

4. Remember, hurts are unavoidable. 5. Set yourself up for success!

Read 1 Samuel 18-24 About Jonathan and David

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