An Ordinary Evening Once More

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"We were together, I forget the rest"

An Ordinary Evening Once More

7:30 pm. It was a light rainy evening. The breeze was gentle and cold, the moon was nearly full and gleaming; an ordinary night to begin with. I was walking down the street for no apparent reason and seem to be observing people when I stepped on a piece of paper, in it was a quote. "We were together, I forget the rest. -Walt Whitman"

"Hi." A womanly voice said out of nowhere. I looked into her and dismissed the wondering thought. "Did I bother you or something?" she continued. "Oh, I'm sorry. I was thinking about the quote I just saw." then tried pointing where the paper was. Although it was gone, seemed to be washed away. "You're one weird man."

She smilingly agreed, then opened her umbrella as she went beside me. "Why do you want to go there, anyway?" I randomly asked. "Well, I'm actually new around here and the first suggestion I heard from this place is that I should visit that park because it will make you feel like everything's familiar and contented." "Wow. It seemed like they oversold that park." I jested.

and then she chuckled, breaking the silent atmosphere. "So I was looking for a park around here, they said that at night, the place is mesmerizing with the lights and everything." There's only one park around here and coincidentally, she was talking about the park where I was going to right now. "Oh great, what a coincidence. I'm actually heading there too, you can come with me if you'd like?"

"I've got nothing else to do anyway, plus I'm pretty bored right now so why not try?" Agreeing to what she said, she then continued. "How about you? Why suddenly go there right now?" "Well, I usually go there alone. It's kind of my 'third place' actually." She then expressed her doubt.

"Oh really? I just heard from you that they somewhat oversold that place, weren't you?" "Well..." I paused for a while, hesitantly to say the next words. She gave me this 'I-am-waiting look' as I took a glance from her. "Well... It does make you feel familiar and somewhat contented, but I don't think it will work for people who are new in the city. It's just an ordinary place, really."

"Maybe it's because you're alone? Maybe it will be different today. I decided that I'll accompany you tonight, Mr. lonely man." she said, affirmatively. We had a small talk along the way, laughing, agreeing, and disagreeing at things, and discussing some random thoughts. It was kind of funny looking at her while trying to skip the small puddles along the path. As we take more steps, I am here wondering if this was too good to be true. The moments that I am in right now are warm, it feels like home.

"I think we're here, wow." she said, amazed. Indeed. The lights were abundant and mesmerizing, seeing people walking and having their own little world. It wasn't like this before... "So, how do you feel now? Does it feel like everything's familiar? Are you feeling somehow contented?" Her eyes were inquisitive. She then pulled me over to a bench near us and we sat.

"It actually feels different now. It feels better than being alone." She was smiling... but there were tears. I don't know why. "Why are you crying? did I do something wrong?" I worriedly asked. "Nothing. I just want you to remember how we used to do this, and make you feel that I'm here for you... always."

Then she gently held my hands as she looked at me, smiling. ... And then I remembered her once again... She was my wife.

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