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During the day, James Buchanan Barnes is New York's most feared mob boss. But when it comes to her, the love of his life, his demeanor changes drastically.

Bucky Barnes was a busy man. Between negotiations, interrogations and murder, it was hard to slot in down time. But for her, he always made the time.

Lunch was a daily thing, a tradition neither of them wanted to give up. It allowed him a much needed break from all the blood, sweat and anger.

It allowed her a break from her needy boss and jealous co-workers. All they ever wanted was time where they could enjoy each other's company and let loose for a while.

Lunch was exactly what they needed.

One day, she was an hour early. Her boss had let her leave earlier after receiving an earful of sass and witty comments from the mob boss' girl. Not that she was complaining.

Steve Rogers, Bucky's right-hand man, greeted her outside the sky scraper, tossed her keys to the teenage valet and escorted her inside the building.

"Gotta warn you a little earlier today, doll," the blond began as they stood in the elevator. "Sandy's feeling extra bitchy today.

Boss waved it off when she blamed it on Satan, 'course it's a lie though."

Sandy was the needy PA, the one who desperately tried to get the attention of the King of New York - and failed, obviously. Her name left a bitter taste in the back of Y/N's mouth.

Y/N rolled her eyes and sighed softly, carding her fingers through her hair. "Of course. Why the hell does he keep her around if all she does is stare at his ass?"

Steve only laughed in response. "Y'know his policy. She either works for him or dies. Can't exactly trust 'er to keep 'er mouth shut knowin' what she knows.

" It was the same policy for all of Bucky's employees, even more so for the PA.

The moment the elevator dinged, he met her eyes in the reflection of the door. "Play nice, doll." Steve had a knowing look on his face as he caught the mischievous glint in her eyes.

"Not makin' any promises, Stevie." Y/N hummed innocently.

Her feet thudded softly on the pristine white carpeted flooring, her converse a stark contrast to the heels and dress shoes everyone else wore.

Their formal dress code never applied to her, even as Bucky's other half, as she couldn't be happier.

However, Sandy was not happy. Every day, her aura burned green with jealousy, a storm raging behind her eyes whenever she watched their actions.

And so, the PA gave her a burning glare and the same warning.

"Don't look at him, bitch."

It made Y/N laugh. It truly did.

Y/N knew Sandy was jealous. Why wouldn't she be? But the warning... the warning was absolutely ridiculous.

Bucky was her boyfriend and a piece of art. He had the face and body of a Greek God, and he always dressed to perfection - even if he was wearing slacks.

Y/N would stare at him forever, if it wasn't considered as creepy.

Steve sighed as he listened to the girl giggle. "Don't make me pop those ten grand sand bags, darlin'." Y/N smirked as Sandy gasped in horror, her eyes narrowing into slits.

"Gotta watch who you're talking to. I'd be happy to pull the trigger myself."

"Y/N..." She sighed at the warning tone in Steve's voice and spun around to face him. "Sandy knows Bucky's yours. Now let's go before you make good on your threat."

He placed his hand on the small of her back, using a small amount of force to steer her away from the PA and toward their intended location.

During those few minutes, all she could do was curse the PA under her breath.

"Boss, you got a visitor." The blond called after knocking on the door. "I suggest you see her before she paints the PA office red."

Bucky laughed from behind the large wooden doors and called them in. He was aware of his girl's hatred for his personal assistant.

He was also aware of the multiple threats she made, though he made no move to stop them.

Y/N was the love of his life, and Bucky knew he had to let her deal with her anger in her own way.

"Afternoon, doll." His light steel-blue eyes narrowed teasingly and he tilted his head to the side. "You seem familiar, have I threatened you before?"

The anger in Y/N's chest dissipated slowly as she giggled softly. "Yeah, you did, Mr. Barnes."

Bucky leaned back in his chair and licked his lips, watching as she stalked toward him. "Yeah? Care to refresh my mind, sweetheart?" He murmured, eyes raking over her figure.

Y/N smiled innocently. Bucky didn't miss the way her eyes shone with love and admiration for him, and him only.

"You threatened to keep me for the rest of your life. Though in my opinion, it didn't seem like much of a threat. More like a promise."

Y/N stood behind him, her chin rested on top of his head as she ran her hands over his shoulders. Her eyes skimmed over his latest contracts, nothing capturing her interests.

"You're early, babydoll." Bucky stated, lifting one of her hands from his shoulders and kissing the inside of her palm. "Everything okay?"

She hummed in response and kissed the crown of his head. "Boss got tired of my mouth so she told me to take a longer lunch." A grin spread across her lips.

"Who am I to pass up spending more time with my man?"

He chuckled and laced their fingers together before leading her out to stand beside him. "C'mere, you can sit in my lap until I'm done workin'."

Y/N wasted no time in settling herself in his lap, one arm drawing her closer to him while the other draped her legs over the arm of his chair.

She laid her head on his shoulder while he continued signing whatever contracts were on the pile.

"Tell me about your day, sweetheart." Bucky hummed and pressed his lips against her forehead. "Then we'll go home for the rest of the day, I don't care what your boss says."

Y/N giggled, and he felt his heart burst in his chest. "Yes, sir."

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