A poem was written at the gym
A poem was written at the gym love stories

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Deep thoughts at the gym as you wait for the machine to open - we all think.

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A poem was written at the gym

1, 2, 3 stripes

Eye many types, in tights

You entice my eyesight

Not pure black and white…

….or just straight yellow

Meet me somewhere in the middle

Do you play the flute and trial riddles?

Can converse for a few but only just a little

Rather listen more, can we chill though

On a bumpy hill in a mellow

I am a little mellowed, I am a kind fellow

Show you a bit of Hans, he’s a killer at the cello

Solo on a Friday night

Weights slam by the ArcLight

Do as I do, please as I might

Redbone on the limelight — flashing lights, lights

Figure 8’s, ice skate in isolate

Ball intoxicate, thoughts begin to escape

Push to start — 2 am, mind awake

Speed pedal, no stroll — it’s not late

Drips down your jawline

Hammered and sawed to refine

Me too, what I do — not to whine

Win mine, in time, we’ll be fine

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