Mystery of the Missing grandpa clock story #3
Mystery of the Missing grandpa clock story #3 mystery stories
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fun Well done is better than well said
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they found some clues! will it help them?

Mystery of the Missing grandpa clock story #3

please read the last 2 parts of this story to understand ir better. I will give the links to it in the comments.

I knew there will be a lot of researching work and i cannot do it myself. So I picked up my phone and called my detective friends James, Lisa and John. I told them there was a mystery case to solve and told where i was at so they could come over.

in 1 hour they all had arrived. I told them the case. Then Lisa said...

We better go and investigate the suspects's house so we may find some clues and information.

We all agreed so first we went to Mrs. Jonson and Mr. Mike's house and started investigating.

After quiet some searching, I found a very small pink spot on the wall. Near to it was a huge cupboard. i opened it, and saw a messy sight

Nail polish was dripping everywhere as though there had been a giant earthquake and everything had collapsed.

Mrs. Jonson was obsessed with nail polish.

On the door of the cupboard, was a paper attached. due to the mess, I could make out the heading. "Nail Polish For each week"

I carefully picked up the timetable with tweezers and put it in the zip lock cover

I also took a few of the nailpolish which were clean and not dripping

Just then john called us.

Near the bed, was some light dragging marks

Now we knew that the person who stole the clock was not strong enough to lift it but was strong enough to push it out of the back door.

to be continued...

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