I will guess your age!
I will guess your age! age stories

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Pls click on this post! I am sure you will like it!

I will guess your age!

yes! i will gues your age!

you just have to follow the steps carefully

you might want a calculator!

ok lets start

#1 pick a number between 1-9 it can be any number between 1-9 I pick 2

#2 multiply the number you chose by 2 ?x2 <------ 2x2=4

#3 after you did the last step, you must have got a specific number. Now you should add 5 to that number 4+5=9

#4 now multiply that number times 50! 9x50=450

#5 this step you gotta do it carefully. If you have cellabrated your birthday this year, add 1771 if you havent celebrated your birthday yet, add 1770 450+1771=2221

#6 FINAL now you must subtract year of birth to the final number you have got . 2221-2009= 212

now you must get a 3 digit number so for me i got this - 212 the first 2 is the number i chose at the beginning and the last 2 digits are my age. i chose 2 at the start and my age is 12!

now let me chose a different number this time and see the result

my no. - 4

4x2=8 8+5=13 13x50=650 650x1771=2421 2421-2009=412 4 is the number i chose, and 12 is my age! so it works for any number you choose between 1&9 !

Did you get your answers correct? comment if you did!

I found this on the internet. I wanted to share it to you

Cya mai fairies!

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