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Chapter 2

Determination of her Life

Alright ! my ears are open! .... ....

.... (soft laugh) Very good.. now listen .... ....

Once, their lived a soldier..

He had a magical fish. Inside the fish, he had kept his life.. So without the fish he couldn't live or die

The fish to Loved him Dearly and the 2 were inseparable

One day, the fish got lost in the ocean...

The soldier was devastated. So he set out on his boat in search of the fish.

soon, he reached a river, and alongside it was a small hill.

the hill asked, where are you going my dear friend?

The soldier told his story which made the hill cry.

it cried and cried until a huge wave formed, which pushed the boat of the soldier, until it came on the top of the water fall.

the waterfall asked: little hill brought you here by her wave of tears.. Why are you here my friend?

The soldier told the same story as he had said to the little hill.

The waterfall didn't cry, but she slowly made her waters into a slide, so the soldier could enter the ocean safely

Once he had entered the ocean, he rowed and rowed until his arms were aching and he was hungry.

He had a small piece of bread which didn't fill his hunger.

Many days past, then weeks, he couldn't live or die as his life was inside the fish.

Then a rain cloud passed by and gave the soldier some fresh rainwater, which the soldier drank to his heart content.

The rain cloud said... I heard your story from little hill and waterfall. If I find your fish, i will come to you immediately.

The soldier thanked the rain cloud and kept rowing.

He then suddenly remembered he had a conshell.

He blew it and blew it, which made a mighty sound. Maybe this sound would help him find his fish!

But days past, He was growing to weak to even row his boat.

He had given up all his hopes

then suddenly he heard the thunder of the rain cloud

He looked up and saw that her lightening pointed toward the ocean

He didnt know what to do.. Then he blew his conshell with all his strength

A magnificent glow of green and blue erupted from the sea

The soldier had found his life! And this fish had found her master!

The fish sang in joy as the glow got brighter and brighter.

In joy and happiness the soldier blew his conshel louder and louder

The fish sang and glowed while the soldier blew his conshell

Now they were together. Never again to be separated...

Wow! .... ....

.... Did you like it ?*soft chuckle* ....

I loved it! but daddy missed out this story! he fell asleep.. .... ....

.... Its alright! tell this story to him when you go home.. and wait I have a small present for you! ....

(the old lady removed a necklace she was wearing, It had a small conshell attached to it.)

.... Keep this with you. So you never forget this story. ....

Wow! Is it the conshell which the soldier used to find his fish? .... ....

.... Maybe ..! keep it safely aright? and never lose it. ....

*wears the necklace* I wont ! .... ....

chapter 3 will be coming in a few days!

hope you like this chapter! see ya my fairy friends!

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