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Don't worry! There is a happy ending"


Whenever you feel happy about something..

A fire erupts in your heart

then, when we don't want it, problems come

the fire becomes soft, turning into a spark

With problems, comes depression, Our worst enemy

This is a story about me and depression

I walked into my room, my head with problems like a constant headache, and the small spark in my heart

I fell on the bed, too tired to think any more. I fell asleep immediately

I had a dream......

Im walking in a dark road.... The buildings around me had the names of my problems..

I was scared... What's going on? Am i dreaming? I pinched myself as hard as i can.

Ouch! it hurts! I looked at my hand to see it very red at the spot I pinched. 

But how? I am dreaming... I came to my bedroom and fell asleep.. I remember it so clearly...

As i was in my thoughts, i tripped and fell.

I got up, wiping dust out of my skirt, I looked what had tripped me..

A rock of...


I don't know how i knew that... but i just knew...

Then i heard a shuffle.

Someone grabbed my from behind, covering my mouth to ,muffle my screams of fear

i looked at the corner on my eye i saw depression depression

I dont know how i knew that...

then Problems came from behind. Holding the weapon of pain

It came towards me....

While i was trying to be free, It came, and took my heart. I looked at it. It was covered with a fungus like thing called negativity. 1 spot of it was bright. The part of positivity.....

problem was going to destroy my positivity using the weapon of pain...


I screamed... I tried to escape...

Then a bright light came. The spark of fire!

It turned into positivity and Happiness.

Positivity fought problems , while Happiness fought depression.

4 of them were out of energy. Then... Problems attacked positivity in an unexpected way.

Positivity fell down.... Happiness to got defeated...

I got scared...

I thought. Negative feelings make them powerful. then i must think positive.

I concentrated only only only on positive thoughts.

Then the spark Burst into a huge flame.

It attacked depression and problems

They fought and fought. It was scarier than a war. I concentrated only on happy thoughts.

Depression fell down. Problems got defeated.....

YESSSSS I screamed! i was crying. Not tears of sadness but joy.

Positivity came to me, took some of me tears of joy which kept flowing out of my eyes uncontrollably from my eyes like a waterfall

It pored the tears of joy on my broken and wounded heart..

A glow of green blow slowly came. My heart was healing!

my healed heart came to me, kissed me on my forehead and went inside my body.

What happened...

I woke up. Was this a dream? No.. i still have my pinch mark

I breathed heavily. Clutching my chest to protect my heart.

This is not a dream... Never a dream.....

this day is going to be my day. All the days are my days as long as i keep feeding my positivity and happiness ill always succeed. I thought.

Today is a new day.

a new day for you to!

I just wrote what i felt in my heart. And i don't deny it no matter what.

I hope you like it!

see ya my fairy friends!

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