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contest! pls do join!


Hey guys! i was just sooooo bored out of my mind that i decided to do my 2nd contest!!

so this is basically abt writing stories or poets.

3 rounds will be held! if less people join, or circumstances change, 2 rounds will be held.

I need 16 people to sign up for this contest!

If 16 is not possible, then the number will reduce to 8.

But i prefer more people to join as the more the merrier!

how this contest works is that 2 people will be a team. (i will be choosing who you collabing with.)

then the secret judges( ill tell it later) and I will decide the best, out of each.

so this is the plan

2 people will be team. 2 teams will compete and the winner goes to round 2.

there, 2 teams will compete each other and the winner, along with the second best will go to the 3rd round.

there, they will compete, and that will decide our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!

also dont worry if you lost! you guys are awesome writers, poets etc..! im sure your posts will give a hard time for the judges and I to decide!

i hope you join!

cya mai fairies!

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