My stomach tells me to feed it.
My stomach tells me to feed it. sorry stories

fuckoff TurnsOutI'mAHeartBreaker
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Not my idea

My stomach tells me to feed it.

I tell it to shut up. It doesn't so I force it to shut up Now I'm so hungry That I'm going to puke.

No breakfast No Luck No Lunch That was on purpose.

My mind says to feed yourself I tell it to shut up And it does

I'm the boss I'm the Hero I'm the dude who fails I'm the dude who dies

I'm sorry babe. I just don't want to eat. My body won't take any of the food I give it. I got angry at myself when I was told that I can't have Chocolate anymore.

I cna't even have milk products. No more yogurt. No more cheesecake. I'm upset about it.

I love cheese cake. But not as much as I love you. But I don't think I should eat anything til I feel better about myself. Yes, it's a disorder. But no on cares.

Not enough to tell me otherwise. Fuck sugar levels. Fuck the doctors. Both are deadly. They couldn't fix my dad, so what makes them think that they could fix me?

Doctors are so fucking stupid it's funny. I know you don't want me to "starve myself" but just know. It was my moms Idea. If I die because of this..."diet".... Just know...It wasn't my idea

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