My Older Sister
My Older Sister lgbtq stories
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fuckoff TurnsOutI'mAHeartBreaker
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My older sister moves everywhere all the time.

My Older Sister

My older sister moves everywhere all the time. It's quite bothersome. (did I just use that?). Anyways, She's supportive of everything(besides meat) but, she's not supportive of​ me.

My younger sister has lgbtq+ friends. But when I come out my mother regards it as if I was a piece of trash. I am a trash panda, but that's a different story.

What's the problem with loving Girls? Why does it just have to be Boys? I am a Boy trapped in a Girls body.

WHY DO YOU HATE ME? Is it because you think I'm fake? Is it because you want me to be perfect? WELL, GUESS WHAT! I'm me and I like to be this way so F**K OFF!

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