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fuckoff TurnsOutI'mAHeartBreaker
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I thought it said midnight at first, don't mind me. I'm CrAzY.


The most beautiful time of the night. It's peaceful. Kind. Soothing as well. I sleep only at midnight, so I can breathe in the cold.

Sometimes you can stare for too long into the dark to find the "moving" shadows. Just to get a scare. To find yourself living as well. Scared by night is the best thrill.

Spacing out on everything and everyone. Hiding between the shadows and the lights. Hiding to make sure I don't die.

Stormy nights are better than the Midnight breathing spree. Let the night be lite by the moon slightly gleaming in the sky. Lightning strikes the ground. We're all confused about the light.

When humans get confused about things, we tend to just get afraid of said things. When afraid of the lights, don't just try to keep calm, let the fear overwhelm you. It's like a joyride, you just have to at all times do things that scare you.

If you are confused by this story/poem/skit, don't comment, just send me a message.

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