Tiny Lasaga
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frucissiere Blazing iron in the house of death
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True Story™, I hope no one gives up on me after this ᷅\_(ヅ)_/ ᷄

Tiny Lasaga

I once had a tiny lasaga

At first, I didn't enjoyed it. It was so small, how could it ever be useful to kill my hunger?

I despised the poor, tiny lasaga.

However, time passed by and many things went on

The sewer exploded all over my floor

I was forced to move away

And went to my home town to spend a few days

Finally I found a new home

And to the other city I could return

And with horror realized what I had done

I left the tiny lasaga behind

And now, it's almost midday

Soon I have to be back on my way

I'm not hungry enough for an entire meal today

Oh, my poor tiny lasaga

I wish I had you again

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