Infinity, part 4
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frucissiere Blazing iron in the house of death
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Infinity, part 4


It felt like being dragged by stormy waters, in a tide too strong to fight, being thrown against hard mirrored surfaces as the vortex swallowed them.

Without any control, Aqua was dragged deep inside the hallway, until their own reality wasn't visible anymore.

The tide took them through many twists and turns, making them lost into a maze full of reflexes.

Aqua tried holding to something, but the things seemed to disappear under their touch, as if they were mere shadows.

They felt as if their very soul was shaken. The turmoil finally seemed to have an end when the mirror maze reflected something other than the chaotic lights and Aqua's body.

When they finally realized, they were standing in the middle of a room that was somewhat solid again. A kind of real place, at least in parts.

It took them a while to recover from all that journey, their head was a complete mess, and it hurt like hell. Aqua stood, staring at their own face.

The place Aqua was at was pretty similar to the room they began in. Yet, there were differences.

It was not the same room. Not the same world. There wasn't a pealr door. Just a wooden one.

In these moments, they were glad they were such a brave creature. Otherwise, panic would've taken over. It was all Aqua ever wanted. The magic, the mystery they longed for.

Yet, it was also terrifying.

No choice but to face it, of course.

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