Infinity, part 2
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Infinity, part 2

Infinity, part 2: Bubble

Their means of other-worlds traveling were rather unusual. They knew for a fact that the universe was not linear, as it had been proposed before, but rather a sheet, folded in many layers.

The layers were the normal parts of the universe.

However, there was a theory speaking about the so called “Bubbles”. These were anomalies on the layers, protruding to the sides or even taking much more space than needed.

“Bubble universes” were places where the normal laws didn’t always apply, and strange, even logic-less things could happen. Maybe even time was not linear in them.

This was a particularly worrisome thing for them, when considering the fact that their universe was probably one of such bubbles, where everything had evolved into a small, dark and surreal mess.

Each bubble had its own escape doors, much more accessible than those of linear universes, although some were hidden and deeply dangerous.

Escaping from Aqua’s bubble world proved as easy and weird as its own existence.

All you needed was a very peculiar hall of mirrors – perfectly placed in front of each other, and repeating, until infinity.

Of course, it took them a long time to figure that out. Mirrors weren’t a popular item in that dark place. But eventually, that fact revealed itself.

After they found out, many experiences where made – noticeable, with certain cautious. People where not a very expandable resource in that tiny world.

Soon, losing more habitants in that project was deemed unsustainable, and so, the mirror hall project, as it was called, was closed.

This happened while Aqua was still too young.

They always dreamed about it, hearing the stories, and even planned invading that place and leaving on their own, but it was a dream deemed out of reach.

At least, until the dying trees became a bigger problem, and now, it was worth trying anything.

So of course, Aqua volunteered. And not long afterwards, Aqua would finally see the room with their own eyes.

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