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My first story ever. Feels exciting!


"Common, lets go to sleep" said Mary, the elder of the twins Emily and Joe. Tomorrow we have a big day with aunt. Then, the three of them went into sleep.

After some time , a gleaming bright light came through the lace curtains. It was so bright that the girls had woken up. The three of them ran towards the window, but sadly there was nothing. What was that? said Joe. "I don't know" answered Emily , "Lets just sleep" said Mary .

The bright light came again. The girls were annoyed. "That's it!" snapped Mary "I am going to see what it is , will you also join me?" "Yes, of course" said the twins. They dragged little chairs to the window. They waited for a long time, but nothing turned up.

"what is it taking so long?" said Joe , "Shh" whispered Mary with a kind grin, "Can you hear that?" . What's that tinkering sound said Emily with a confused face. "I don't know" said Mary peeking outside the window .

A few minutes later a beautiful Fairy appeared in front of their eyes. "Are you guys seeing what I am seeing?" said the three of them at the same time . The little fairy was very cute with rosy cheeks , sparkly eyes , tiny hands and glittery wings . the girls stared at the fairy as if they were seeing a movie .

The fairy said , "Hi, my name is Rora" in a sweet voice . The girls were surprised , "She can talk" said Joe with wide open eyes. "Hi my name is Mary" said the elder one , like that the three sisters introduced themselves . "Hello" Fairy replied .

"Wait!! So were you the bright light? questioned Emily. Rora admitted while saying, "Whenever I cry, I turn into a bright light". "But why were you crying?' questioned Mary . "I lost my way from our village, the Fairyland" answered Rora in a sad voice . "Shall we help you?" asked Mary in a pleased way.

"Yes please, That's so good of you" answered Rora . So they took out all the maps they had and Rora told them geography of that village and then finally they could find the way to her village. "Thank you so much for your help" said the fairy with a happiest face the girls have ever seen. "No problem" said Joe with a grin .

The fairy said "You have helped me by finding my village, so I will fulfill a wish for you". The girls were very happy and they told that they want a necklace for their mother which she was not able to get it on her birthday last week.

So the fairy gave them a necklace and went back to her village. The next day they gifted their mother the necklace. Their mother was so happy. Their grandma asked them how did they get the necklace, and they explained what happened last night. Their grandma did not believe them but she gave them a toothless grin.

And they lived happily ever after. Moral: If you help others, same reward will come to you!

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