The Velvet Healer (Chapter 3)

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The Velvet Healer (Chapter 3)

by forestlily

Something was not right. Priyasha's land owner refused her to stay in her apartment. Despite the good relation with Priyasha, her land owner, Kiran, was actually a sweetheart lady.

She was well spoken, kind hearted, and smiling always. Priyasha didn't know what made her change her decision. Even she had refused to give any specific reason.

Life was not good. Since the incident, it was not good. "I believe god is with me."

She had only one week left to find and shift to the new apartment. She didn't know how she could do all these. Alone. Nevertheless, there was a constant fear of her.

Fear of getting close to anyone. She was afraid of getting close to anyone, mingling with new people, hoping they won't turn out to be ...her past. Once again.

She was afraid.

She believed in god, god carved her fate. She was special, so she had to wait.

(Lunch break, at office...)

Priyasha held the spoon above her plate and asked, "Sonya, I would have no home then. What do I do?" "You can stay with your parents. It's not that far. I guess, it takes five hours only."

Sonya mumbled with a full mouth. "You basically want me to quit my job?" Priyasha said exasperatedly. She let the spoon fall on the plate and sat back.

She couldn't believe she had no options left. She eyed around the cafeteria. He was there. Far from everyone, sitting in a corner. Alone. A freezing wind flowed past her ears.

She shifted her gaze to Sonya and announced, "I know some place I can stay." "What's stopping you then?"

She glared at Sonya, who was right now eating like a pig, "Because, I would hate staying there." She pointed towards Abhiraj with her eyes.

Sonya almost choked on her food. Priyasha handed her the bottle of water, sighing. Sonya gulped down some water and placed the bottle on the table with a thud. "Are you sure?"

She sighed dismally and shook her head. Abhiraj owned an apartment building and she knew he could help her.

But the thing, funnily, was bothering her whenever she was considering she would have to seek for 'His' help. Because he'd been invoking her haunting memories. Again and again.

It would be the biggest mistake. And she was afraid of being with him.

Sometimes if you want to reach the heaven's height, you need to sign a pact with the devil. That's what she did.

The first sight of him made her dizzy already when she reached there. There he stood, carefree and arrogant as always.

She was not yet convinced by her own decision. How could she ever manage to live with him? They were sharing Abhiraj's apartment, temporarily, until she could find a better option.

"We need to discuss the ground rules first." He announced. She focused on him warily.

"First of all, you need to understand, whatever you decide to do, make sure it doesn't bother me. Cause once you do, first time I may dismiss you, but from the next..."He shot her a warning look.

Priyasha nodded curtly and fiddled with her shirt's button.

"Permission. Take my permission first for whatever you wish to do inside my house." He paused,"And, never touch my belongings. And never enter that room."

He pointed to the closed door, between his and hers. "I understand." She nodded, careful this time.

"Good for you." He said and left her thinking, how was it he never noticed that he was slowly killing her? His harsh words were poison to her ears.

They wanted to burn her severely, yet her inside kept wanting for more venom. It was excruciatingly confusing.

How did it work she was still not certain. Last night she had a peaceful sound sleep after a long time. Priyasha opened one of the boxes, she hadn't completed unpacking yet.

Grabbing the toothbrush and toothpaste she headed for the bathroom. Today was Sunday. Utilization of the day would be great.


Shrieking at the sight she blinked, embarrassed and looked away,"I didn't know you were... in here. The door wasn't locked. I- umm... sorry." Unable to recover from the state she turned around...

and closed the door hastily. Closing her eyes she slapped her forehead. She had encountered a nearly naked man in his boxers, the very first day in her new apartment.

She didn't know what to expect anymore.

Hearing the door open she turned around. He had wrapped a towel around his waist. She blinked and looked downcast. "Sorry,I should have knocked the door."

Abhiraj waved dismissively,"I used to use the bathroom with open door. Nonetheless, who would have peeked inside. I will be more careful."

His gaze almost cruised her before he blinked it away, "A very good morning, Priyasha." She anchored her attention on him. Watching him leave she thought, did he enjoy tormenting her?

Well, hi, guys. I hope you are enjoying the series. Previous parts are also available on my profile page. Please tell me what you think of the story. love. - fl

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