The Velvet Healer (Chapter 2)

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Chapter two of The Velvet Healer.

The Velvet Healer (Chapter 2)

by forestlily

It might have been a dream. Or not. She was not sure. But something was changing, the glacier was melting, she could tell that.

Her books were all heaped up in middle of the room. She was re-decorating her bookcase. She was working absent-minded, thinking about last night's intimidating intimacy when her phone went off.

"Yes." "Idiot it's me." The other voice said. "Vinita? Is that you?" "It is stupid!" And they both laughed out loud. "Where are you now?" "Listen. I'm getting wed next month."

"What?" Priyasha almost screamed with joy." When did that happen?" "I'll tell you everything. Come at my place. Tomorrow evening. Alright?" "Okay," she giggled then hung up.

At least something good was happening. Her childhood bestie was getting wed. She could try to relive the old days once again. She could only hope things would turn out to be good and perfect.

She closed her eyes and inhaled slowly and let out a shaken breath. Opening her eyes she looked down and instantly her eyes went wide with horror. It had caught a sight of a book.

The title of which held the reason of her misery.

As a serious horrid result, her hands went cold and she felt numb once again. "I believe my past has left me."

Next day at Vinita's place,

Her glance flickered when Vinita asked,"Can you really forget?" Priyasha looked away,"I'm at least trying." Vinita didn't say anything but uncertainty and concern were dripping from her face.

It was almost 9pm. "I should leave now." Priyasha said,"By the way, when is Jeet coming?" "He hasn't confirmed yet." Vinita said in disappointment. "I haven't heard from him in like ages."

"We'll have to beat him up when we'll meet." Vinita rolled her eyes. And they both end up giggling like five years old.

Later at the same night (while crossing the road),

Priyasha thought, how lucky she was for having such good friends. Although Jeet was abroad for his work, they were the best of friends since school. Life was fun till the unwanted happened.

She remembered the cold past of her and an ache crashed into her heart instantly.

A car came straight to her and somehow she braced herself from the near accident. As a reflex, she closed her eyes and lifted her hands in alarm before the car came to a stop, inches away.

Everything was a blur. She didn't move. Still, her eyes closed. She stood there shocked.

Priyasha heard the car's doors opened and closed twice until she heard the driver's exasperated voice, "Have you gone mad?" "She's horrified, don't yell." Another voice said.

Priyasha couldn't tell what exactly was happening as her mind denied to live in the present situation. There was a dread growing in her mind. "What if, her 'past' found her?"

The stranger grabbed her by her arms and pulled her to him. His grip, firm enough to leave bruises. "Open your eyes." He demanded.

She shivered by the intensity of his voice. Opening her eyes she looked up at the stranger's face. It was him. Abhiraj.

What was he doing here? "What are you doing here?" He gritted thru his teeth. She looked at him then observed their close proximity. Flinching she freed herself at once and stepped away from him.

"I-I-" she was mortified that he had to see her like that. "I- what?" He yelled at her, "Why were you running like that? Anything could have happened to you!" He ran a hand through his hair.

"Roy! Calm down!" The other person said. "Do you people know each other?" He looked amused instead. She looked away. "I'm sorry."

The other person said,"Roy, take her home. We'll discuss business later. Go." "Sure?" Abhiraj asked his companion, uncertain. The other person gave a look flashing his teeth.

Abhiraj nodded and turned to her. "Get in the car." And she followed his instruction this time without arguing.

"You shouldn't be so careless." He said while driving. She looked out the window. "Stop telling me Abhiraj what I should do or not. You've no right."

He paused for a moment before pulling over the car to one side. She felt mortified, humiliated, crushed and haunted by her little secrets.

Her eyes welled up without letting her know and rolled down her cheeks.

"Look at me." She didn't move at that. "Look at me Priyasha!" He leaned closer and put a hand below her chin, making her look at him. She focused on his beautiful features through her moist eyes.

He had high cheekbones, a slight crooked but the beautifully carved nose, his thin lips, his soft black hair, slightly dark masculine skin tone and those pretty night-sky-like-galaxy eyes.

Something shifted inside her.

"Are you okay?" She nodded curtly. "Wipe off your precious tears." He whispered."They too... belong to someone who cares."

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