The Velvet Healer (Chapter 1, Part 1)

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Chapter One of The Velvet Healer.

The Velvet Healer (Chapter 1, Part 1)

by forestlily

I believe I am strong enough. I believe I am beautiful and that's enough. I believe God is with me. I believe my past has left me. Her morning mantras. She trusted them.

She had learned to fight and survive. Because she refused to hold on to the past, even if they gave her aches, she had decided to move on.

She knew her life will never be same again, yet she chose to be an independent. Away from her home, her parents,her pet and...... her frightful past.

The reason was...both of them. Her past and present.

The office wasn’t good. And...he caused nothing but making her life more miserable than before.

The stress she had been enduring had prolonged here, which no matter how absurd it seemed, the reason is him.

It felt as if the ghost of past had made friendship with the present. Not technically but metaphorically.

At 6 PM, Friday...

The bug wasn't giving her a shit no matter how hard she was trying to fix the sly bug on her code. Even the debugging program was unable to spot the error. She exhaled frustrated.

Pushing up her spectacles she leaned closer to the monitor screen and started examining the whole code from the beginning.

"Priyasha! You're still on the code?" Sonya leaned over the her cubicle wall, "We're leaving for Castle Sunset babe. Are you coming?"

What? No. She instantly half hoped it to be a joke.

It was Sonya's birthday treat. She expected Sonya would throw her party at some bar, but Castle Sunset! She must be awake-dreaming. That was a heaven for delicious foods and food lovers.

It was a bad luck she was stuck with a stupid code and it's enemy bug. She sighed, "You people enjoy! I have here a bug to fix."

"Okay, you two enjoy too." Sonya winked at her. Priyasha scrunched her eyes together in suspicion, "What do you mean by that?" Sonya giggled and pointed to the far end from the corner of her eyes

Then left her alone, helpless and scared.

After half an hour...

Someone cleared his throat, "Can I have a look at it?" "Wha-" Priyasha looked up at the person and froze for a good whole minute. It was him. Abhiraj.

"Uh-you-umm-sh-sure?!" She stuttered and blinked away from him. He moved to her left and blocked her way to get up by placing his hand on the mouse.

She sunk into the leather seat more and felt uncomfortable with the sudden intimacy. His cologne filled her nostrils making her somnolent.

After a few moments of his intense scrutiny he straightened and crossed his hands over his chest. "Take a look. The bug has been fixed."

Really? She, still drowsy from the previous effect, scrolled through the code and uncovered, he indeed, had fixed the error. "Thank you." She uttered. "That will be granted."

Without looking up she pretended to ignore his provoking gaze down at her. She closed the computer and got up to leave. It was already enough late. She feared she might have missed the last bus.

She would have to take a cab. Right then, her stomach growled. Err! She was starving.

"Priyasha!" The pronunciation of her own name in an unpredictable voice snapped her attention straight to the caller who was still standing there hovering over her.

He called her by her name?! She was beyond shocked. She was flabbergasted.

Unaware of the ferocity of the inevitable storm, she let it in, leaping into the unforeseen.

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@bernardtwindwil ha! Thank you very much! This means a lot... really! 😂 ❤

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I love it! This is well-written fiction you introduced the tension and risk right away, then the "bug" problem with its consequences. The transition to a romantic scene was utterly charming. Great story!!!!! Keep on writing this.