The Velvet Healer (Chapter 1, Part 2)

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Chapter one, part two of The Velvet Healer.

The Velvet Healer (Chapter 1, Part 2)

by forestlily

"Yes?!" She wasn't trusting herself that he was actually talking to her. Tucking a loose strand behind her ear she looked at him. "I'll drop you." He said, hands buried in his pants pockets.

The world might have come to its end. She thought to herself.

"No, thank you. It's okay, really. I can manage." "I am not asking for your permission." He said with a twitch of his thin lips, calm as always, "I am telling you, I'll drop you."

Her mouth opened wide in disbelief. Yes, she was thankful that he had fixed the bug but that didn't mean he could do anything to degrade her dignity.

She still owned her dignity and she wouldn't allow him to mess with it. Again and again.

"I can't come with you." He didn't say a single word. Instead, he grabbed her hand and dragged her straight into the elevator. Once the elevator closed itself he released her hand.

"What was that?" She cried out, disgusted. "I'll drop you." "I don't need your help." He shook his head slightly and pursed his lips together.

"You heard me right? I don't need your help. And I'm not coming with you." Just before the elevator reached the ground floor and its doors retracted sideways he said something...

...which pursed her lips from denying anymore. "We're having our dinner at Castle Sunset."

Few hours later...

"Sir, what would you like to have?" The waiter asked him courteously. Following his gaze, the waiter turned to her, then asked, "Ma'am?"

Priyasha wasn't expectant of him being a gentleman but when he motioned to her for the order she felt a little bit anxious. Could it be the subsiding moment before the storms?

"Ah-umm-" She looked down at the menu shrugging away the intimidating smirk playing on his lips."Chicken Imperial, Khao Klukh Krapi and umm..." She moved towards the desert section.

"And Watermelon Litchi Granita." She gazed up at him. His eyes were on her. His unrelenting stare made her weak at the knees. She straightened up and shifted in her seat.

His penetrating gaze was bringing an unknown, unwanted sensation in her. She looked away.

After some long uncomfortable silence, he broke it, "What is Khao Klukh Krapi? I am positive that I might have to leave this place without relieving my appetite."

She couldn't stop but to smile at that. "It's a rice dish with shrimp paste, prawns, and chicken with garlic, lemon and cucumber. You'll like it." He didn't respond but nod and looked away.

She noticed him and something inside her shifted.

After dinner...

"Priyasha!" She halted in the proceeding to open the passenger door of his car. Before turning to him she glanced around the parking lot. It was mostly empty tonight.

"Yes." He moved closer causing her heart run faster. "There is something I want you to know and understand." "About our office project?" She asked uncertain.

He kept moving forward, "No, it's about..." he stopped at inches away from her, "you."

"Me?" The pumping and thumping inside her sped up. He nodded. Then placed his hands on the car roof around her, one by one, taking time, their torso almost touching.

Their intimacy had started to scare her. She'd been running away from her controlling past, yet it seemed to never leave her. And, this very moment was the proof of it. She was scared all over.

He gazed down into her eyes. She wondered, how could those beautiful night-sky-like-galaxy eyes send waves of tranquillity while all the rest happenings were intimidating, rather excruciating.

Her eyes flickered under his intense caressing gaze while their breaths mingling with each other. She asked, "What?" it was almost a whisper.

"It tortures me when I see you laugh with someone else. You're that mystical rain forest I don't want anyone to invade." He whispered back.

Her lips quivered in anticipation as her eyes wandered over his, asking a lot of unasked questions.

"So, when next time you'll be around, do not attempt to test my tolerance level. " he breathed out peppermint and clove, "I also have the knowledge, a dangerous man should have."

And then he stepped back.

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